February improvements

Hi all

this is a late post with the latest improvements we have added to the app:


  1. Storing referred order’s products: this is an improvement to the already introduced feature for storing the client’s info. But now you can store and the products in that order.
    Screenshot 2017-03-14 15.07.16 Screenshot 2017-03-14 15.07.27This feature is turned off by default, to enable it go to your admin panel, page Settings -> option “Store order’s info”. For more info about this feature, check your FAQ pages.Notice: this feature is available only for specific frameworks, if you don’t see it in your Settings page, then your integration doesn’t support it.
  2. Giving commission only if the order is above certain sum: Enabling this feature, will make the app check each order’s sum against the value that you have entered, if the order’s sum is lower, then that order will be marked with status “Hidden” and no commission will be given to the affiliate. If the order’s sum is bigger from this options’s value, then the affiliate will get commission. Screenshot 2017-03-14 15.07.27This feature is available for all integrations

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