GDPR tools

Hi all,
in this post I will tell you about the tools that we have added to the app related to the GDPR regulation.

Delete referred clients data – located in Settings > General. With this tool you can delete your client’s data that is tracked by us. By entering IP address or e-mail, we will search all of your Affiliatly’s account database and remove the data where the IP or email is present and all related one (orders, log entries and etc).

Opt-out/withdraw consent – located in Settings > General. With this tool you can stop the processing/tracking of clients by adding their IP address and/or email. Note that if the client’s IP address change, we wont be able to stop the tracking. Also, with this tool, you can enable and the showing of the Opt-out page, which can be linked from your site, this way your clients can opt-out their IP address by themselves.

Edit client’s data – if you are on a integration method, which allows the saving of client’s data, you can now edit that data – change it or delete it. To do this, just open the order’s details in your admin panel and click on the edit icon right next to the client’s data.

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