New feature: Leaderboard

Hi to all
this week we released another feature: Leaderboard.
The purpose of this feature is to incentivize your affiliates and make them compete with each other.

Screenshot 2016-09-23 14.01.24
By enabling it (from page Settings, option “Leaderboard addon”) you can choose where to show it to your affiliates
– show page “Leaderboard” in their panels
– add the Leaderboard table in the email that is sent to them on referred sale (Note: the email for new referred purchase must be enabled to do that)

Choose the time period for which the data will be shown, it can be
– per month (each month the info will reset)
– or all time (he info will be taken from the start of your affiliate program)

and finally you can choose what information will the affiliates see in the leaderboard table

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