New feature: Multiple Coupon Codes per Affiliate

Many of you have asked for this feature and we are happy to announce that now you can assign more that one coupon code to each of your affiliates. This can be very useful if you or your affiliates want to run several different campaigns or you have coupon codes with different discounts for particular groups of products, for example.

To use this feature, first create the coupon codes in your store. Then, log in to your Affiliatly panel and go to Settings > Tracing > Coupon Code Settings. There you can add as many coupon codes as you need by clicking “Add another”. You can also set a different commission for each one, if needed.


This feature is available for all plans and integrations (which allow coupon code tracking).

We are going to add more improvements to Affiliatly soon, expect updates on our blog!

6 thoughts on “New feature: Multiple Coupon Codes per Affiliate

  1. If a buyer purchases an item from an affiliate’s link and uses the coupon code, does it add the two commissions together? Which commission does it choose? For example, if the base commission rate is 10% for an affiliate if tracked through the affiliate’s link, and the coupon code is set at 15% percent – does the affiliate now receive a 25% commission?

    Another scenario – if a buyer uses a coupon code from Affiliate A, but accesses the website through Affiliate B’s link, who gets credited for the commission? Both? A or B?

    • Hi Jack,

      The different tracking methods have different priorities and coupon code tracking has a higher priority than link tracking. This means that if both a code and a link are used, the affiliate will receive only the commission set for coupon code tracking – 15% in your example.

      In the other scenario you describe, again the code will be prioritized over the link and affiliate A will receive the commission for the sale.

      • Hi there,

        A customer uses the coupon code from Affliate A in the first purchase, and use the coupon code B from Affiliate B for the second purchase.

        The question is:

        1. The second purchase by the customer is treated as recurring purchase by this customer and the commission goes to Affliate A; or the second purchase is treated as a NEW purchase by the customer and commission goes to Affliate B?

        2. Assuming there is a third purchase by this customer w/o using any coupon code or link, is the third purchase treated as recurring purchase for Affliate A or Aflliate B?


        • Hi Kenny,

          1. The commission always goes to the affiliate whose coupon code was used, so in your example, Affiliate B will receive a commission for the second purchase.

          2. The third purchase will not be connected with any affiliate, if for the previous ones was used a coupon code. The purchase will be treated as a recurring one only if you use link or email tracking.

          • Thanks tsvetelina.

            Follow up question:

            If in the email tracking mode, the auto associate email with affiliate is ON. would the third purchase by the customers who used coupon code from Affiliate B be considered as recurring one?

          • No problem Kenny!

            If you have email tracking with the auto associate function enabled, when the customer uses Affiliate A’s coupon code for the first purchase, their email will be associated with the affiliate. Then, when they use Affiliate B’s coupon code for the second purchase, Affiliate B will receive a commission (because coupon code tracking overrides email tracking). The third purchase will be credited to Affiliate A if no coupon code is used, because the client’s email is associated with this affiliate.

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