New features – January 2021

Hello everyone! At Affiliatly we have been busy making our system even better for you. Here are the 5 new features we’ve been working on:

1. Change text position on your affiliate program registration page

Did you set up a custom text for your affiliate program registration page but never liked that it shows up above the registration form? If so we have good news for you! Now you have the option to choose: show your custom text before or after the registration form. Just go to Settings > Customization > Change text position on affiliate program registration page (mobile only) and check the box.

Please note: this option is only available for mobile devices. For desktop, the custom text of your affiliate program registration page will be still at the right of the registration form.


2. Sort leaderboard by affiliate’s earnings

Now you have the option to also sort the leaderboard table by your affiliate’s earnings. You’re not showing a leaderboard to your affiliates yet? Time to set one up as this incentive will help your affiliates to drive more traffic and improve conversions! Go to Settings > Customization > Leaderboard addon and click the button to activate and set up this feature.


3. Change text alignment on checkout popup

We hope you’re already using the checkout popup feature. If not, you can do it right now to turn your customers into affiliates in no time. Set the alignment of your text on the checkout popup as you want: left, center, right or justify. To choose your preference go to Settings > General > Popup at checkout > Setup >Popup inner text-align and select from the drop-down box.


4. Track prices with shipping included (Shopify only)

Are you running a free product/pay only for shipping type of store? If yes, this new feature is for you! By default, shipping is not included in the tracked order price but now we give you the option to include shipping if you want. Just check the box here: Settings > Tracking > Track prices with shipping included.


5. Change order status in bulk

We made it easier for you to change the order status of your affiliates in just a few clicks. Simply go to the Orders tab and click on Multi select. Check the boxes of the orders you want to change or check Select all. Then select the status from the drop-down menu and hit the button Submit. Pretty easy, right?


Leave us a comment and tell us if those new features make your affiliate management easier or not. We’re eager to know! Your feedback will help us to make Affiliatly even better. Next month we’ll be back with more updates. Stay tuned!

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