New features: notification emails on commission tier change and two tier referred affiliate

Hi all,
we have just added new notification emails:
notification upon commission tier change: if you have set different commission tiers and have enabled the automatic change, you (and your affiliate) will receive email notification when the affiliate reaches new commission tier and the app switches their account to it.
notification upon new two tier referred affiliate: if you have enabled the Two tier feature, you (and the referring affiliate) will receive email when new affiliate, referred via the Two tier tracking link, registers for your program.

Both notifications can be found in your Affiliatly’s admin panel > Settings > Notifications
Screenshot 2018-08-27 16.51.54

5 thoughts on “New features: notification emails on commission tier change and two tier referred affiliate

  1. Question: How can I lower the payout sum? I want to be able to pay my affiliates on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, no matter the amount they actually earned.

    • Hi Devon, you can lower the minimum payout sum from Settings > Payment > “Default minimum payment”. In your case you can set it to 0 i.e. when you are ready to pay your affiliates, it wont matter how much they have earned.

  2. Hi , I am affiliate . The company I am an affiliate for turned off auto GC payouts and froze payouts for everyone . This was six months ago , I have asked repeatedly when they will turn back on and get the run around . At this point I have over $1500 dollars in GC owed to me . What can be done ?

    • I am really sorry for this problem, but I cannot help you with this.
      All the interactions, disputes and payments are between the affiliates and the affiliate program’s manager.
      We are providing only the tracking service and support for the technical aspect of the app.

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