New improvement: Banners page

Hi to all
this week we uploaded changes to the banners page and we introduced more ways to customize and manage your affiliate program’s banners.

Now, when you open the Banners page in your admin panels, you will see this interface
Screenshot 2016-10-01 15.07.32

It gives you a list with your uploaded banners and some useful data beside them.
And when you are uploading your banners you will see this window
Screenshot 2016-10-01 15.29.53

Here is an explanation of the options:

  • Show the banner to your affiliates: will your affiliates see this banner or not, you can uncheck the banners if the banners is for some old campaign or you are not finished with entering the other information and will finish it later
  • Banner Category: if you have lots of banners, you can use categories to organize them better. By default there are no categories, but they can be created in your Banners settings page.
  • Set specific URL: use this field if you have banner which is only for specific product, category or collection of products. When you enter a URL in this field, you will disable the ability for your affiliates to choose custom URL when generating the HTML code for the banner from their panels.
  • Set specific Width in pixels/Set specific Height in pixels: set exact dimensions for your banner, if you left them empty, then the current banner’s dimensions will be taken
  • Notes for this banner: enter some notes for the banner, if you wish to explain something to your affiliates

That is it, we hope this improvement will help you with your affiliate programs.

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