New improvement: better Two tier feature

Hi to all,
at the end of the previous week we have uploaded changes to our two tier feature. You can now turn ON/OFF the two tier feature or set different two tier commission for certain affiliate only.
The change can be made from the affiliate’s details window, tab “Two tier”.
Also you can now “two tier” associate new affiliate to the current one, to learn how to do this, see this tutorial.
Screenshot 2016-07-25 16.48.54

Also as addition to these changes, we had to change and the main Two tier settings, we have added the following options in there:
Screenshot 2016-07-25 16.50.49
Two tier is turned ON for new affiliates: if this is checked, then the two tier is turned ON for every new affiliate who registers for your program
Enable for all current affiliates: if checked, when you hit “Save”, the script will turn ON the two tier for every of your current affiliates.

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