Zapier integration released!

Hi all,
we are very happy to announce that from now on you can use and connect your Affiliatly account to various other services thus automating your workflow.

We have made our own app in Zapier and we support the following triggers:

  • New affiliate registration: Triggers when new affiliate registers for your affiliate program, when this happens we are sending the new affiliate’s registration data to and you can then pass it through another service. For example you can connect it to Klaviyo/Mailchimp or other newsletter app and automatically add your affiliates to a newsletter list.
  • Updated affiliate: Triggers when you update the info of the affiliate in your affiliate program, we are pushing the new edited info.
  • New order tracked: Triggers when there is a new referred purchase, the order’s data including its ID, price, affiliate’s earnings, paid status and date are pushed to Zapier
  • Updated order: Triggers when you (the admin/staff member) change the order’s price, affiliate’s earnings or status or when there is automatic order’s price/status change (triggered when we receive refund notifcation or status change from your store’s platform). We are pushing the same info as with the “New order tracked” trigger, but we are including the old and the new data in the push.

Note: To be able to use and integrate with Zapier, you will need to:

  • register an API key, you can find the API keys in your Affiliatly admin panel > Settings > General > API keys
  • enable the Zapier integration in your Affiliatly admin panel > Settings > General > option “Zapier integration”


You can start setting up the triggers from here:

15 thoughts on “Zapier integration released!

    • Hi Danny,
      at the moment there are triggers for Orders – order tracked and order edited.
      The triggers for the payments will come in the middle of next month.
      About the visitors – we are still on the drawing board for this, as it can cause quite the strain on the servers.

    • Hi Sandy, we checked, but we can not find any information about Zapier supporting postbacks and pixels. Try to find information about this in the site of the service which is requiring the postback/pixel call. If they too have an integration with Zapier, I believe that then you will be able to connect our app and their service through Zapier.

  1. We are looking to pull the email address of the customer making the purchase on the new order so they can be tagged in shopify via zapier. Can the customer email address be added in your zapier integration?

    • Hi Kevin,
      at the moment this is not possible, the customer email is viewed only in your Affiliatly admin panel.
      We will check in the next days if we can add this info and to the zapier data.

      I will notify you when we have more info about this.

  2. Hello, Just checking have you had time to research adding this field to Zapier so we can tag the user with their affiliate account?

    • Sorry Kevin, I was with the intention that I have replied to you about this functionality. Sadly its not possible to include the customer’s email, as we are getting the customer data with a delay i.e. the Zapier call is send before that.

  3. Hello 🙂
    I use Zapier to track updated orders (price/earning, status…) but the thing is, “updated order” and “new order” have very similar zap runs (not identical), but when the order is updated, zaps are not triggered.
    What should I do? Should I contact Zapier? Should I send you user email, order-id and screenshots or?

    Best regards,

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