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Fidgee Affiliate Program

Fidgee Affiliate Program

Category: Toys and Games


Get paid when you refer someone that purchases a Fidget Spinner!

Get Paid a 10% commission every time someone that you refer places and order!

Here's how it works:
You get paid a commission every time someone that you refer places and order! Theses Fidget products practically sell themselves, Easy Money!

Click on the link and register. After you have registered log into your account and you will be given a unique URL. The URL will allow us to keep track of who you shared our products with and also keep track of your commissions. Make sure to use this URL when sharing our website.

About Us:
We provided you with the most outstanding Fidget Spinners on the market. Fidget spinners are often designed with the intent to relieve stress. Basic fidget spinners consist of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in its center circular pad.An individual holds the center pad while the toy spins. Designs are made from various materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper, aluminum, and 3D printed plastic.The types of bearings generally used are ceramic, metal stainless steel or chrome, and hybrid designs. Additionally, bearings can be different to adjust for the design's spin time, vibration, and noise, leading to unique sensory feedback. Check out our store