Improvements: Registration email


today we have uploaded changes to the registration email, that your affiliates receive when they create account for your program.

Now that e-mail is fully customisable by you, you can write the subject and the body and can use variables in the text, which will be replaced with the affiliate’s data.
The variables are:

  • @affiliate_name@: will be replaced with the corresponding affiliate name
  • @affiliate_email@: will be replaced with the corresponding affiliate email
  • @affiliate_password@: will be replaced with the corresponding affiliate password

To edit the email’s text, head to page “Settings”, option “Text for the registration mail”.

Here is a example of using the variables:
Here is a screenshot of the text we have entered in the admin panel
Screenshot 2016-01-27 09.32.44

And here is how it looks when delivered to the affiliate’s inbox
Screenshot 2016-01-27 09.34.08

7 thoughts on “Improvements: Registration email

  1. “You need to type “@variable_name@” (without quotes) in the text in order for the variables to work.”

    I’m sorry, but this is very confusing. Do you mean simply that when we type the variables as shown (@affiliate_name@ for example) they will automatically be populated with the proper data, or do you mean that somewhere in that text, we have to literally type the phrase “@variable_name@” in order for the other variables to be shown correctly? I imagine the former is true, but this phrase was very confusing. And if the latter is true–that these variables won’t work unless that phrase is typed somewhere, then shouldn’t it say so on the instructions you give in the text editor?

    • Hi Lisa, sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant @affiliate_name@ or @affiliate_email@ i.e. you should write down exactly this string with @ included.
      I will now edit the post so its more understandable.

  2. Awesome–not only is it much clearer (and that’s what I thought you meant) but I like being able to see the examples. It’s been a bit frustrating having to actually go through the process of registering in order to preview things like this. 🙂

  3. Hi. For some reason the registration e-mail is not going to my affiliates. Another thing, I’m using a right-to-left language in the registration e-mail. Can you please add an RTL button or at least enable us to write the text in HTML so I can add the RTL directionality? Thx.

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