Promoting your affiliate program


in this post we will give you ideas how to promote your affiliate program. We will try to update it regularly.

Invite your clients to become your affiliates

Use Affiliatly’s popup at checkout to invite your clients to join your affiliate program after they make a purchase from your store. Read more about this feature here.

Alternatively, you can send an invitation email to your customers using the option “Invitation mail for your store’s customers” in the Settings. The email will be sent only once per customer. (This feature is available for Shopify and BigCommerce only.)

Add your program on our site

Now, you can add your program to our site’s directory (, to do this just go to your Affiliatly’s admin panel > Settings > General > option “Promote your program on our site”. Add info about your program like name, category, average sale price and in few hours it will be listed for everyone to see.

Tell everyone

The best and fastest way to gather some affiliates and feedback! Talk with your friends and family members about your affiliate program, this way even if they are not interested in becoming partners, they will know somebody who will. Also you will gather feedback and opinions.

Share online

Add a page with information about your affiliate program on your website, longtime clients or maybe just passing visitors will be interested and may join. Post links to this page in all of your social accounts.

Register in online directories

One of the best ways for promoting your affiliate program is to add it to affiliate directories. Here is a list with working directories (at the time of writing) we prepared for you.

Free directories

Update February 2015

Update September 2019

Call out for affiliates in forums

There are few forums specialized in affiliate marketing, where you can promote your affiliate program.

30 thoughts on “Promoting your affiliate program

    • Hi Christopher.
      When you joined Affiliatly, you now have unique URL, you can see it in your Affiliatly’s admin panel, page “Account”, option “Your affiliate program link”. Use this link to point to your affiliate program.

  1. If you are logged into your account, and you attempt to view your affiliate link it takes you to a page within your dashboard… thats confusing. I want to see what my affiliates are going to view when signing up.

  2. The prices in my shopify account is calculated in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars), if I set the affiliate flat rate as $40 in affiliatly ( $40HKD for each sale), will the system recognize the default currency and ‘become’ $40HKD automatically? Or is it going to be in USD? Thanks.

  3. Hi do you have a work around for the platform? Integration does not seem to work with them. Another program was able to provide a way directly from the affiliate’s link some how.

  4. Hey overcoder, i’ve tested my purchase through the test affialiate link.

    However, the commission is wrong. I’ve set it at 15% for a 12.50 purchase. yet, my affiliate only recived $0.34 of earnings.

    Could you help me out with that?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to Internet Marketing
    please i need someone to help me i have a problem in my affiliate link, i don’t know what’s happen , when i copy my affiliate link and i paste it in a navigator to test it , This message appears: This site is no longer in service or has been disconnected as a result of violation of the terms of service.

  6. Is it possible for the affiliate to have a pic of themselves or some other identifier so that they people using their link knows that they are on the correct site?

    • Hi Wendy, no, sorry this is not possible. By clicking on the affiliate’s link, the visits will land on your site i.e. the affiliate links are pointing directly to your site.

  7. Is it possible to customize my link to my site. I remember doing it long time ago but couldn’t find it now or may be I am mistaken. Let me know if it’s possible

    • If you wish to change the commission for specific affiliate only, you can do that from Setting > Tracking > button “Link tracking settings” > and look for the table with your affiliates.

    • Hi Daniel,
      sorry, but we do not have such functionality. I believe that this is not possible and if you made a code which reads the cookie from your end, but I can not fully confirm this.

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