Summer improvements 2019

Hi all,
sorry for the long silence, but we have been fixing and improving the internal code of our app and there were no visible changes.
But recently we have made few small changes:

  • ability to mark paid earnings in bulk: this feature will allow you to mark multiple earnings of affiliates in bulk simply by uploading a CSV file with the affiliate’s data and marked earnings. You can find this feature in your Affiliatly’s admin panel > page Affiliates > button “Mark earnings in bulk”.
  • ability to manually import multiple orders and associate them to affiliates: this feature will import multiple orders to affiliates, with chosen by you price and earnings and will associate them with the chosen by you affiliates. You can find this feature in your Affiliatly’s admin panel > page Orders > button “Import multiple orders”.
  • added additional staff permissions: we have added couple of more permissions to your staff, they can now view the Info and FAQ pages of your Affiliatly program and view the Integration page. You can see the new permissions in the edit staff account page

We hope that these changes will help you with your affiliate marketing, soon we will have more news for you! Stay tuned!

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