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Happy Paws Online

Category: Pets

We are super excited that you are interested in becoming a member of the Happy Paws Affiliate pack!

Our brand message is simple: Celebrate the Love, Joy and Happiness.

Our dogs and cats unconditionally add those things to our daily lives, and they become part of our human family. We believe it is an obligatory duty to nurture them to live a life filled with love, health, joy and happiness. No different to any other family member.
Our goal is to help Dog & Cat parents achieve this through our unique product offers and by sharing value through our newsletters, blog posts & social media platforms. 

We are now opening the door for new affiliate members to join our pack!

If you have a genuine passion for dogs & cats and believe in what we believe in - then step forward and join our pack today! If you’re just getting started we can help & guide you! No age, experience or skill level restrictions. 

Let’s get started!

  • IMMEDIATE $5 signing up bonus for partnering with us. 
  • NO RISK, No investment. Just need an audience to serve, effort and the right intent.
  • EARN a flat rate of $5-$15 per sale, immediately after someone purchases from our website using your link! No deductions or BS.
  • QUICK PAYMENT:  Your money is paid straight into your PayPal account after 4 weeks. After completing month 1, you will get paid automatically once every 14 days! 
  • NO SELLING: Just refer people to purchase from our website through your link!
  • MARKETING MATERIAL: To make things simple & easy, we give you all the creative material; including pictures, videos and captions to use on your page! NOTE: If you feel inspired and creative – then we encourage you to CREATE. We would genuinely love to see your heart & personality communicate through your posts for the products. 
  • EASY PROCESS: just post and tag >
  • SELECT which products you wish to share and talk about. All winning products; with super high engagement & hot online demand!
  • USE our marketing material to make life easier. Or we encourage you to create your own!
  • POST in front of your audience and platform of choice 
  • ENGAGE with your audience > POST & TAG regularly, at OPTIMUM times, with SMART POPULAR hashtags 
  • SUCCESS. We believe this is achievable, if you follow these simple steps at the beginning of your journey.
The internet has allowed this business model to exist, so take full advantage. Earn good money for investing relatively little time. We take care of the rest to serve your best interests. Including getting paid on time! Our partners currently find success using INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK GROUPS, EMAIL and their BLOG platforms to name a few.


  • GENEROUS referral commissions. Straightforward structure. No hidden deductions or BS.
  • QUICK payments. Every 2 weeks, after completing month 1. Earn minimum of $50 commission before automatic payment. If you need quicker cash, we will try to help you.  
  • BONUS scheme for top earning performers. Rolled out from March 2019.
  • ADD VALUE to your audience: i.e. exclusive discounted deals tailored toward your audience, including discount codes customised in your store name/branding. From March 2019.
  • EASY SIGN UP - Register details using sign up link. Check email for approval message (sent within 24 hours). Once approved, gain access to your control panel and start posting! 
  • TRUST & TRANSPARENCY tools:  we have teamed up with a credible and trustworthy app called ‘Affiliatly’. It will allow you to control & monitor all sales activity. All partners gain access to a control panel that records, tracks and pays you all within one space.
  • NO HASSLE processes: We do everything on our end – support, fulfilment, returns, brand awareness, marketing etc.
  • UNLIMITED unrestricted opportunity – post as and when you please. The more you post > the more you engage > the more you inevitably earn!
  • HOT TRENDING PRODUCTS with high engagement: We have specifically selected 20 x hot products for you to promote - rotated every 6 weeks. All with super-high engagement and trending online interest. We believe our selections will add further value to your audience and also increase the probability of you earning extra money! 
  • MARKETING MATERIAL ready to use! We provide you with pictures, videos and caption suggestions to get you started 
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER in-house: we can create customized marketing material just for you and your specific audience - for no extra charge! Let us know your thoughts.
  • ENCOURAGE CREATIVE EXPRESSION: We encourage you to express your own style and personality through pictures, videos & words for our products.
  • REMARKETING: If your referral does not purchase immediately (after clicking your link) but they purchase within 7 days - the commission is still yours! We increase the chances of you earning, by sending out reminder messages, push notifications and incentives once they interact with our website.
  • CHOOSE from 500 products in store – if you wish to promote any other products from our website (i.e. products you believe will add more value to your specific audience) then browse our categories and let us know your thoughts! No one knows your audience, more than you! 
  • OPEN family hub – get involved in the Facebook group and our decision making process. 
  • FIRST in line to promote our range of innovative pet products releasing in summer of 2019.
  • LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP: scope to grow with the pack as it evolves.
  • EXCITING future plans to help you earn significantly more.
  • HELP PEOPLE & THEIR PETS LIFE: The opportunity to help Pet Parents and the lives of their beloved furry family members!


  • People who just plain love dogs & cats (and money). 
  • People who find it second nature posting and navigating on Instagram & Facebook using their smart phone!
  • People who have a passion for promoting & producing viral content
  • People who have access to a audience of passionate dog and cat lovers
  • Bloggers, Reviewers & Email marketers
  • Niche website owners looking for extra streams of income
  • Social media aficionados and whiz kids.
  • Probably you?!


  • Visit our site to learn more about us. Get a feel for the brand and products.
  • Read through our FAQ for clarity.
  • Apply to be a Happy Paw affiliate member here!
  • You can start posting and earning within 24 hours! Simple & easy with no hidden details or catches. We got you covered!
We invite you with open arms to join the Affiliate Partners Family and start earning that extra money for your journey! Any questions? Feel free to send us a message.
Instagram: @happypawspack
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