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Affiliate recruiting

Ambassador programWe are looking for brand ambassadors to join’s team! At Optimize we strive to motivate people all across Canada in improving their health and fitness. We want our brand to be represented by people that embrace the health and fitness lifestyle to the fullest!
What does an Optimize Nutrition ambassador do?
  • Share our blogs, social media posts, and promote products from our website on your own social media accounts. We want people to know how our products have impacted your health and how you add them into your daily life.
Benefits of becoming an Optimize Nutrition Ambassador:
  • Our Ambassadors will make a commission on their referral’s order.
  • Your referrals must make a purchase of at least $10 in our website in order to earn commission immediately.
  • You get to take advantage of the ambassador discount on year-round!
How to Apply
1)     Click the link in our profile (Instagram/facebook/website)
2)     We will review your [ application and social media accounts]
3)     Wait for our response email! 
After acceptance
  • The sign-up link will be sent to your email account
  • Share your personal link to your instagram bio, facebook page, and any other social media accounts you have.
  • Save the log in link to manage your commission
You can track your referral’s purchases and all other activity on your account, such as: your commission, how many referrals that you brought to our site, how many of them placed an order, and more all in real time!After you have joined, you get the privilege of enjoying the ambassador discount year-round!

Team Optimize Nutrition !