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Gowike - Outdoors high-quality apparel & merchandise

Gowike - Outdoors high-quality apparel & merchandise

Category: Apparel/Clothing

Description: Hello!
We love outdoors!
Our name is based on a place from a small bay in the in the Swedish archipelago. We are a group of adventurers who grew up in beautiful Swedish backcountry. We love to explore mother nature and all that it has to offer. During our different adventures, we decided to share our passion and believes with this store.We have high-quality apparel, merchandise and more for customers who love outdoors and nature.

Our planet has many beautiful places to explore but we need to take care of it so our next generations can explore it too. We created this company because we believe that a company has a significant impact on people and the planet. That's why we donate for each order we receive to oceans and wildlife.

Gowike stands for being in motion with nature, to be curious and to be adventurous. Our goal is to inspire more people about nature and the great outdoors so that they will explore and make a positive impact on the planet.