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ShineuriKitchen Affliate Programme

ShineuriKitchen Affliate Programme

Category: Home and Garden
Average order: 50 US Dollars$

Description: Whether you have a social media following or a blog looking to monetize, then Shineurikitchen  Affiliate Programme could be for you 

If you are a web influencer, 
congratulations, you hit the nail on the head. By joining Our Affiliate Programme Not only can you get exclusive coupons but also apply for Discounted Cookware or small kitchen appliance sending back your photos, articles, or videos in return.

Just an individual? No worries! As long as you have a social account and are willing to share products to your community, you are wanted as well. You can also apply for discounted or free cookware if your channels meet our needs.
. 60 days cookie duration
. 10% commission on every sale
. Track through coupon code   
. Discounted or Free on our Products