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LiveYoung Candle Company

LiveYoung Candle Company

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Hey Candle Lovers,

We’re Tawny and Allie from LiveYoung Candle Co. we sell 100% all natural soy wax candles with wooden wicks.  Our scents are a variety of alcohol, wine, and beer, made with a combination of essential oils and natural fragrances. We know you and your audience would be the perfect fit for our brand. When you join our affiliate program we send you one of our candles in the scent of your choice...hop on our site and let us know which one you want We love working new people and building future relationships with you.

Below is a quick rundown detailing how we typically collaborate with our partners.
  1. You can jump on our website and get to know our products a little using the link above.Select a candle scent that you think you would enjoy. Please use this product for future posts when promoting us.
  2. We will create a discount code for your followers and friends.  They will receive 15% off of anything they order using the code "XXXXX" (we will create one when you sign up) at checkout.
  3. You will then receive 10% of net sales for any order that is submitted by any customers using your code.  
  4. A week after your posts are done we will send you your portion of sales via PayPal. You will also receive a link to track your sales and payment.
  5. We do we require that you make a minimum of one post on your page, and one story about our candles. Both must include your promo code and we must be tagged in both.
Let us know if this will work for you, it is a win win for all of us.  We look forward to working together and know this will be a great partnership. Cheers!

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon,
Tawny & Allie
LiveYoung Candle Co.