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Detox Miracle Healing Salve

Category: Health and Fitness

Description: Detox Miracle Salve Partner Program

A unique opportunity to make money while helping people. 

Registration page: 

Login page:
Standard commission rate: 10% excluding postage fees. Applies for all tracking options.
Payment method: PayPal
Payment date: 1st day of every month  

As my partner, you will get to enjoy these fantastic, long-term benefits:

365 days tracking period
When a customer clicks a tracking link, a cookie is saved to their device for 365 days by default. While the cookie is active, any purchase they make will be attributed to the partner. This applies across all types of tracking (link, coupon, email, banner or QR code).

Lifetime auto email tracking
Email tracking is used to automatically associate the email of a customer with a particular partner, so the partner receives a lifetime commission for each order of the client (as long as the same email is used) for 100 years, even after the cookie has expired or if the coupon code was not used.

Commission tier system
With commission tiers, partners receive progressively higher commissions based on their performance. Structure and conditions to be confirmed shortly.

Major transformation testimonial

Fixed amount incentive and conditions tbc.

Referral to an influencer

Amounts and conditions tbc.

Exclusive reward

Top performer partners will be rewarded with exclusive rewards (structure to be confirmed).  

Tracking methods to choose from:

Link tracking
Using this method, you can provide your audience with a unique link which they can use to visit my store. The system will track the visits made from that link and the order(s) of the referred client.

Coupon code tracking
Use this method if you want to provide your audience with your own personal coupon code. When a customer uses a partner’s code at checkout, the partner will receive a commission for the purchase.

A banner is an image (provided by me or the partner’s own image) featuring the product which partners can use to promote the product. When it is clicked, it will lead to and the visit will be tracked the same way visits from partner links are tracked. To add a banner featuring your own image, please email me as it has to be done on my side. The partner’s images will be visible only to their partner ID.

QR code tracking

We can provide you with your own QR code. You will be able to see and download your unique QR code it when you log into your Affiliatly panel, in the “Information page”.
A partner can then share it online or print it for offline use. When someone scans the QR code with their phone, they will be taken to, and the visit will be tracked and associated with the partner. When the referred user makes a purchase, the partner will be credited.