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RockinBod Bikinis Affiliate Program

RockinBod Bikinis Affiliate Program

Average order: 25$


What does it mean to be an ambassador for RockinBod Bikinis

Well first and foremost you’ll be a representative and public face for our brand and products.This means that you’ll have an obligation to represent our values as a company.You can find five points below were we talk about the different values that we hold.


We absolutely love our products! • Personally embrace the lifestyle and the brand. • We do what we do, not because we have to, but because we have a burning passion for it.


We believe in always using a language that creates a happy environment. • A positive attitude is sometimes the only thing needed. • We make sure to spread our positivity to all, no one is left behind


We believe in giving people the opportunity to learn and grow • No matter what walk of life you come from or background we believe that you have a right to express yourself and your freedom. • With this freedom comes responsibility that we believe that all people, no matter size of popularity, should take.


We believe in our teams inspiring and helping each other • Pro-actively stepping outside of our core role • Showing great customer service to customers and each other • We believe in mutual beneficial relationships where we all help each other to grow and improve


We believe that quality comes from more than just baseline factors like high quality materials and assembly methods. • What is the difference of your mother's cooking and a strangers? The love. Here on Bright Swimwear we believe that the greatest quality comes from people who love and take pride in their work. • A product should always be flawlessly manufactured. We believe that even the slightest aberration of a product is unacceptable.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is my role as an ambassador?

The role of an ambassador comes with the mission to increase awareness of RockinBod Bikinis and promoting our products. In which manner you chose to do this is completely up to you! But we recommend using your social media platforms and reach out to your followers. Another, more personal, way to fulfill the role of an ambassador is the good old way of mouth to mouth. Tell your friends, family or even perhaps colleagues or class mates about our wonderful products and our work to make the world a better place! For additional promotional opportunities for both RockinBod and our ambassadors try engaging with other RockinBod that shares the same passion about RockinBod Bikinis!


  • Be the first to be informed about our latest collections and promotions.
  •  Join the team and get the opportunity to model our latest collections.
  •  Get your own personal discount forever and exclusive chances to win free swag.
  •  Earn Free bikinis.
  •  Get a shareable discount for your followers, friends and family
  •  Earn experience in social media promotion, brand ambassadorship and modern marketing.