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300 Yard Impact Golf Training Aid

Category: Sports

Description: The 300 Yard Impact is a golf training aid that has been invented and developed by a former world long drive champion and Tour player, Monte Scheinblum. His innovative teaching draws golfers from every continent to his lesson tee in Irvine, California.  He has worked with golfers from beginner, all the way up to PGA tour players. At the golf schools he conducts across The U.S. and The U.K. He uses his knowledge of the latest technology and teaching methods combined with his old school knowledge on how to play the game and “feel it.”

There is no product like this in the market and we have already started to see positive reviews by many of our customers. The product was launched in early May 2019 and there is a high novelty factor to this product and an excitement around it. 

The base commission is 10% of sales. The commission increases to 15% for each sale thereafter after reaching 100 units of sales. 

If you are interested, we can work with you on a marketing plan to organically grow awareness of this product over a period of time vs. a one time initiative to generate sales.