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Fit Fit Fit

Fit Fit Fit

Category: Sports
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Average order: 232.75€


Fit Fit Fit

Fit Fit Fit is a website dedicated to sport. Although I sell a lot of stuff (accessories, proteins, etc..) I would like my affiliates to focus on selling the machines. The machines are pretty high quality and generate much more money. There are today 23 machines on the website and the average price is 232.75 euros. In a close future I will highly increase my number of machines. 

I've set up a starting commission of 5% that increases depending on how much you sell. It can expend up to 10% ! As the price of the machines is quite high, if you manage to sell some you can get pretty nice commissions. 

Feel free to download the pictures of my machines directly from my website if you want to promote those. If you have any question or need more content, please contact me via 

Ps : My website is in French but I am able to deliver anywhere in Europe.