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IQprojx Affiliate Program

IQprojx Affiliate Program

Category: Electronics
Site Address:
Average order: 70$

Description: IQprojx is a Brand that aims to create innovated products with the goal of making people's life easier. We are purely committed to providing the most efficient, modern, and intelligent technology of today‚Äôs generation.

Our very first creation is the IQprojx Solar Power Bank, a product that is ideal for individuals who love and are engaged with camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Although our power bank can be useful to any type of person, people who are interested in these interests (just listed above) were found to be the most common buyers.

Why Choose IQprojx's Affiliate Program:
  • Flat Commission of 25%
  • We pay you immediately after you reach 50$ of commissions 
  • Cokkie life of 60 Days - you will get payed if a customer buys with your affiliate link within 60 Days
  • Simple and straight forward - you sell for us and we pay you
Having a payout reach of 50$ means that you could potentially get payed the same day you signup, if you only sell 3 unites with your affiliate link. IQprojx wants our affiliates to be happy and receive their money immediately with no wait time; this is a very important aspect for us.

With our 25% Flat Commission Rate, you will make on average 17.5$ profit for every unit sold, which is not little at all compared to other affiliate programs. Our team has organized an outstanding system that will track your click through rate, the number of sales you have successfully completed, and the amount that we have to pay you after you reach 50$.

Signup to our Affiliate Program and you will get accepted immediately for FREE. We hope you will have a good start with our program so that it can benefit both us and you as an affiliate. 

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry or question related to anything at: