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Fulfilled By Us ~ Conex Containers

Fulfilled By Us ~ Conex Containers

Category: Home and Garden
Average order: 3750$

Description: For now we pay 5% to the affiliate and 3% to the referring affiliate. We also have a cookie date set at 365. Only because we do not know how to give an infinite. We are a firm believer of the person that got them here should get paid for that. We are open to suggestions to make our affiliate program better just send as a question in the chat box.  

Containers also known by many other names like Conex, Sea Can, Marine Box, are becoming extremely popular in the USA. Our companies sold 24,493 in the USA alone in the last 3 years. We by no means know all the places to market containers, there is a growing number of niches out there as well. We off a two tier affiliate program. We just started on Affilatly recently but have had sales agents in the past years. Our owner loves that he can add banners to the affiliate program every night and the affiliates can simply copy the code and post it out on their pages. 

Delivery of the units can be selected in the options of the units. Videos of the delivery process can also be found on our website or social media pages.  

You can find our founder Aaron Peterson in many publications on-line including, feeding the homeless in Cleveland, and on He and his wife are most recently part of the UN 2030 sustainability goals and he like to get out to see the affiliates and agents all over the world if time permits. He uses this time to meet as well as co-source products. 

We would love to have you as part of the Fulfilled By Us team.