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Happy Dog Naturals

Happy Dog Naturals

Category: Pets


20% Commissions on Specialty Dog Skin Products 

Happy Dog Naturals provides natural, holistic products for dog mange. We offer a popular line of products to a growing market segment that demands natural products. We are the only company in the world that does what we do, which means you will be marketing a solid solution to an unmet need in the pet world.


Huge 20% commissions on the most popular products in our online store!
No risk, No investment.
No selling. Just rrefer people to purchase from our amazing site through your link!
No hassles. We handle customer education & support as well as fulfillment & returns
Free marketing materials available
Special incentives for veterinarians


  • Generous referral commissions on our natural, holistic products for dog mange. (5% on third-party products.) Our brand-name comprise the majority of every sale, with an average basket size of $200
  • Stock banner ads to get you started right away and if you need something special, we have an in-house graphic designer that will create customized marketing tools just for you (at no charge for most everything)
  • For affiliates with a physical presence such at veterinarians, pet supply stores, groomers, etc., we provide counter displays and business cards to hand prospects which makes it super easy make it easy for them to shop directly through your link
  • Easy! We do everything - extensive customer education & support, fulfillment, returns and brand awareness marketing Products that have little to no marketplace competition
  • A site that easily turns prospects into buyers 
  • The opportunity for you to help us help more dogs and make a nice profit at the same time


  • Pet professionals who want a solution you currently lack and your customers will love.(Ask about our special program for veterinarians)
  • Independent pet supply retailers
  • Bloggers & reviewers
  • Niche website owners
  • Social media aficionados
  • Holistic-minded people who just plain love dogs (and money) and want to help them get healthy again.
  • Probably you!


  • We sell only through e-commerce with no other distribution network so this is a rare opportunity with little to no competitive challenges and a product with a resounding value proposition.
  • Our site is built for conversions and easily turns prospects into buyers, who then go on to become raving fans.


  • Visit our site to learn more about us and make sure this is a something you’d like to market
  • Apply to be a Happy Dog Naturals affiliate marketer here!