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Ballistic Keto

Ballistic Keto

One of the many benefits of being in ketosis is having the ability to convert fat to ketones, and using ketones as fuel. Ballistic Keto MCT Oil Powder easily converts to ketones to provide:

  • Appetite Control - healthy fats help you stay full longer
  • Better Brain Function - MCT's are turned into ketones, the brain's preferred energy source
  • Higher Energy Levels - fats have minimal impact on blood sugar, which means better blood sugar control, and stable energy levels throughout the day
Ballistic Keto is committed to helping customers do keto their way. That is why Ballistic Keto MCT Oil Powder is ALWAYS unsweetened. Users add their favorite sweetener and the amount of sweetness they prefer.

The Ballistic Keto affiliate program offers 8.5% commission on each unit ordered, with a maximum commission of $15.00 per order.