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Jacqueline Pirtle

Description: All you have to do is take the leap! Welcome to Jacqueline’s coaching portal, leading you into a space of happiness and magic in which you will never be alone but always supported and carried in the highest and most guided way, to experience yourself and life in awe-ness, wonder, and the radiant brilliance of light. Best of all, it’s open NOW and you can join at any time! What’s Included: Daily Transformation––You will receive daily high-for-life teachings, supporting you in feeling your brilliant YOU. Weekly Videos, Podcasts, Worksheets––Every week you will be coached, teaching you new ways to embrace yourself and your life. Journaling Challenges––Every 3 months we start a new journal and are kicking this off with a life session and a supportive group chat. Journal purchase is recommended. Live Online Book Readings––Get comfy and grab a cup of tea! Jacqueline will read a chapter in one of her books to get deeper about what it all means. 356 Days of Happiness Book Club––This group is for discussing the daily passages in the book 365 Days of Happiness and for sharing your experiences while practicing this gem. Live Talks - Online or In Person––Come join Jacqueline online for her FREE live talks—plus find out where she’ll be speaking in person. Ticket costs may apply at in person events.

As a member you will be part of an incredible high-for-life community. They are supportive, safe, and deeply inspirational. They’ll always have your back!

Book Discounts, Specials, News, and more… As a member you receive 20% discount on all of Jacqueline’s books - for orders in the USA only - when ordered in Jacqueline’s Book Shop at

As a member you will have access to Jacqueline’s book excerpts—otherwise not available

As a member you will know first-hand about projects Jacqueline is involved with—documentaries, self-help tools

As a member you will have access to extra transformational tools Jacqueline comes up with—and she always does

As a member you will have the opportunity to learn from special guests that Jacqueline is inviting to come speak

As a member you will have the chance of being featured, highlighting the wonderful work you do to the community

Most importantly, you’ll have access to Jacqueline‘s brilliant energy!

Courses, Sessions, Workshops: As a member you have the option to upgrade your transformation by purchasing more of Jacqueline’s teachings. Offered only to High-for-Life members.

Who is this membership for?

If you are looking for more mindful happiness, this community is for you.

If you are seeking a safe and supportive space to focus on feeling great and learn how to apply well-feeling to everyday life, this membership is for you.

If you are you wishing to find deeper meaning, this space is for you.

If you want to dig deeper into being alive, being your truest presence fully and vividly, Jacqueline’s coaching is for you.

If you desire a more rooted connection to yourself, your loved ones, and life, this space is for you.

If you want to align, expand, and calibrate and create a life beyond your dreams, this membership is for you.