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ClearBrand Community (Acadmey Access Tier)

ClearBrand Community (Acadmey Access Tier)

Category: Education

Description: Hello friend!

I wanted to let you in on our newest offer: ClearBrand Community.

 We’ve packaged together three online courses with our pre-built website template into one platform.

We believe this is the fastest and easiest way to get a website that sells.

 Here’s what’s included:
  •  Course #1: Write a Website That Sells — learn how to talk about your company and your product in a way that connects with and engages your customers so your website makes you money!
  • Course #2: ClearBrand Website Template Training Course — Walk through every step of building your website on WordPress with the ClearBrand Website Template, from initial setup to optimizing and launching.
  • Course #3: ClearBrand Marketing Flywheel — learn the ins and outs of the ClearBrand Marketing Strategy and how you can set up your marketing to grow your business while you sleep.
  •  PLUS, access to the ClearBrand Website Template — a WordPress website template with 5 fully pre-built pages that follow our proven money-making framework. Optimized, mobile-friendly, and beautiful. 
  • Access to all future online courses, updates, and tools to help you grow your business.

 All that, for only $99 monthly or $999 Annually

There isn’t anything else that combines tools and training to make building a website that sells so easy.

Your affiliate commission is 20% of the first year and every year a purchaser stays with the program after that.

You’ll find links to sell ClearBrand Academy in your ClearBrand Affiliate portal. Have any questions? email we’ll help you out.

Here’s to helping businesses grow with a website that sells!

To your success,
Alexander Toth