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Mimi Mei

Mimi Mei

Category: Beauty
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Description: We are interested in Affiliate Partners especially from EU as we are specialised in this market. We offer a 30 day cookie policy and 12% on the sale. 

Mimi Mei is a new brand who has created deeply moisturising 3-product kit for facial care. Kit consists of face serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, face foam with aloe and marigold and face cream with collagen. All products contain natural ingredients, many of which are valuable vitamins, substances and various oils. Many of used ingredients are natural moisturisers, that provide the skin with the necessary level of moisture and protect it from premature aging. Our kit is highly recommended for people with acne and other skin issues. 

Mimi Mei brand is based on the idea of minimalism and our motto is "have more with less", offering the opportunity for people who will buy our facial care kit to save their time, money and space.