Affiliate program:

Transfer Point, Inc

Transfer Point, Inc

Want to be one of the first affiliates to join us selling the absolute best immune support supplement on the market? Transfer Point has been supplying our customers with the best Beta Glucan for 23 years and we're starting a new affiliate program.

You'll receive 10% commission on website orders referred to us by you. We will give you a personalized coupon code that will give anyone 10% off of their first order. 

Our biggest selling item is our 500mg Beta Glucan 60 capsule bottles which retail for $82.45. We also offer a more budget friendly option, 100mg Beta Glucan 60 capsule bottles for $32.95. Which there are studies which demonstrate that our 100mg capsules will still out preform other brands 500mg capsules. 

Send us an email to if you'd like more information or if you'd be interested in partnering with us!