How to start with your affiliate program

Hi, thank you for choosing Affiliatly.
On this blog post you will find how to start with your affiliate program and setup it.

First, the integration of Affiliatly with your store
Depending of your framework, the integration can be:

  • completed, if you are using Shopify
  • 1/2 completed, if you are using BigCommerce, please check your Integration page in your Admin panel how to complete it.
  • not completed for all other frameworks, please check your Integration page in your Admin panel

1. Test the integration by using the test affiliate, this is an affiliate inserted by us, so that you can test the integration (visits tracking and purchase tracking) and see the affiliate’s panel. The credentials for the affiliate panel are:
password: 123456

The visit and the referred purchase should be visible immediately in your admin panel (or with maximum delay of up to 5 minutes). If they are not, please contact us describing the problem and giving us your account ID (AF-10XXX) so we can check the integration.

2. After completing the integration, your affiliate program is not tracking visits and referred purchases. All you need to do is check the Settings and make the appropriate changes suiting your tastes.
3. Go to page Settings in your admin panel, the most important options are:
Methods for tracking affiliated users: how do you wish to track visits and sales, by default only the Link tracking is turned on.
Default Cookie Duration: only valid if you are using link tracking, it tells how much days the tracking cookie will be active i.e. for how long will the referred visitor be tracked and his purchases be associated with the affiliate
Mark Earnings: how are the earnings going to be calculated, as percent from the total sum of the purchase, a flat rate for each purchase not depending of the price or per client’s visit
Default Affiliate Percent: if you choose percent per purchase, here you can set the default commission percentage
Amount per purchase: if you have chosen Flat rate per purchase, then here you can set the flat amount that will be given to the affiliate for each referred purchase.

For the other options, you can check
or the whole available FAQ page:
You can also check the FAQ that is specifically for your installation, by clicking on the blue info icon at the right of your admin panel.

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    • Hi Mariah, there is no problem helping you with the setup of your affiliate program, but support is via email only. Please send an email to the support email, explaining what exactly do you need help with and we will help.

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